With a global pandemic well into its sixth month, so many people are looking for ways to save money. It doesn’t take much to save hundreds of dollars, if not more, each year by making simple improvements. In fact, a little change results in a lot of improvement; both on your energy use and on your expenses. Here are four ways to save each year on unneeded costs that can easily add up where you have enough to pay down pesky credit card debt, save up for emergencies or even put a down payment on a new home!

Furnace Check Up and Tune Up 

An often overlooked and mostly underestimated maintenance item in the home is a furnace tune up. In fact, just one look at the cost of a service visit to tune your HVAC system up vs. the costs of either or both needing repair or replacement and it becomes quickly apparent how vital this simple twice-yearly step is in your home routine. A properly maintained furnace results in a more efficiently running furnace, contributing to a more energy-efficient home and the overall savings on utility bills can be as much as 25%.

Washing the Exterior Air Conditioning Unit

Each season in most areas of the US, prior to a change of seasons from warm weather to cooler weather – it is recommended to rinse the exterior air conditioning unit. While this is a service that is included in most HVAC servicing packages – it may not be necessary to pay someone to do this. All that is necessary is to run a hose at stronger presser (not a power washer) in a vertical direction, all around the exterior of the AC unit. Afterwards, heating and cooling companies do not recommend covering the unit during cooler and cold months. 

Use a Smart Thermostat

Whether addressing the inside temperature of your home in the dead of winter or working to keep the cool in during hot summers, it is essential to maintain your thermostat at a steady level to optimize its operation. Rather than constantly adjusting temperatures up and down, it works better to set your thermostat at a comfortable yet not extreme level. The savings add up very quickly; in some homes as much as a thousand dollars a year or more, depending on the size and level of energy efficiency improvement in the home. 

Seasonal Weatherproofing

Making small adjustments in the home according to seasons contributes to savings tremendously. Keep windows and blinds closed and lowered during the hottest days and put an extra layer of sealing material on windows during extremely cold weather months.  A good way to save on energy and costs, is to adjust the humidifier up during summers and down during winters to mimic outdoor temperatures.  


It doesn’t cost too much to implement the tips we mention here; in fact, a typical HVAC system tune up costs around $120 with some companies offering even better deals on Groupon and throughout the year if paid for in advance.