Look up “how to sell a home” online and you’ll end up with an endless stream of results that tell you what to do, what not to do and everything in between and most of the tips are geared toward how to make the most money. Ultimately, it all boils down to one goal: getting top dollar for the sale of your home. This simple four-step strategy is easy to follow is easy to follow, hardly costs anything and almost always guarantee excellent results:


Bring It Up to Code

Schedule you own home inspection ahead of timeto find out what might be flagged by a prospective buyers’ inspector. If you’d rather not invest in one you can obtain a list of standard home inspection items that are reported on then go through your home, checking off each area as you evaluate things. By making sure your home is compliant in all major areas, you will all but guarantee an excellent inspection result and smooth sailing for that step of the home selling process. Furthermore, buyers will be impressed at how you keep your home well maintained. 


Let There Be Light (and Air)

Something buyers look for when they go through a prospective home is the flow of the home. Whether the overall flow of traffic or the floorplan, breeze and light entering a home is universally a positive feature. To emphasize these aspects of your home or to downplay the lack of them, open windows, highlight open spaces, keep window coverings open so maximum light can enter the home. This is critical during the photography shoot but just as much when buyers walk through your home.


Break Out the Broom

Create a clean and inviting space for buyers so that they can concentrate on the home itself rather than clutter or worse, a messy kitchen or bedrooms. Sellers that focus on preparing the home prior to showings are far more successful in their efforts, leaving a positive impression on buyers and their agents.


Don’t Go into Overdrive

A common oversight made by sellers is to spend money on renovations before selling their home. This can spectacularly backfire because buyers may or may not like your choices. Rather than the money being recovered in your sale price as you would have hoped, a better way to manage areas of the home needing some updating is to offer seller concessions in lieu of the needed renovations, such as a flooring allowance. Sometimes just sprucing up your home with simple decorating and staging changes is all that is needed to catch buyers’ interest. Why spend more than you need? 



Aside from the obvious steps to take when preparing your home for sale – the most important thing you can do is to align yourself with a really strong real estate team that will get the job done! Get in touch if you want to find out your home’s value and for a walk-through with some more suggestions for your home. Don’t forget – the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little “extra”.